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Starting Today, Rick Scott’s Abortion Ban Risks Women’s Health and Safety

May 01, 2024


May 1, 2024


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Starting Today, Rick Scott’s Abortion Ban Risks Women’s Health and Safety

Rick Scott Last Month: “If I was the sitting governor, and the six-week abortion ban came in front of me, I would sign it. I’ve always said I would sign it.”

Rick Scott Co-Sponsored A National Abortion Ban And Supported Florida’s Abortion Ban

WATCH: Debbie Mucarsel-Powell’s Latest Digital Ad On Protecting Floridians’ Freedoms from Authoritarianism

Miami, FL –  Today, Florida’s dangerous six-week abortion ban comes into effect. The abortion ban, endorsed by Rick Scott, will endanger thousands of women’s lives. In response, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell released the following statement.

“Starting today, thousands of women in Florida will lose access to reproductive health care because of Rick Scott’s extreme attack on our fundamental freedoms,” said Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. “Scott’s dangerous and authoritarian-like agenda to take away women’s rights will have devastating consequences across our state – but Florida voters are ready to hold him accountable. While Scott proudly endorses the dangerous ban and supports a national ban, I will never stop fighting for our rights. Together, we will win.”


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