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Putting National Security & Democracy First

America is the strongest nation in the world, with workers and an economy that can out-compete any nation. We must maintain American strength and competitiveness. Debbie knows that starts with defending democracy abroad as authoritarian regimes across the world like Nicaragua and Russia brutalize their own populations, wage destructive wars, and threaten international stability. 

That’s why Debbie stands against the dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela and has always fought for freedom for oppressed peoples. In 2023 as the Senior Advisor to the Summit of the Americas, she led the successful push to ban Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela from the Summit of the Americas, because she believes these illegitimate regimes should never be normalized. She also stands against Vladimir Putin’s unacceptable aggression in Ukraine. 

Debbie supports Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East, and has called for aid to be delivered immediately to Israel and to the innocent civilians in Gaza who are suffering under a terrorist organization.

Debbie will also stand up to China’s harmful trade practices that hurt American businesses, and she supports tough trade policies that protect Florida’s workers and businesses. In the Senate, Debbie will ensure Florida’s trade-centric economy is strong and resilient.


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