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Reducing Costs and the Price of Medication

Debbie knows that for too many Floridians, health care costs too much and provides too little. And the costs keep going up. As Associate Dean at FIU Medical School, Debbie worked hard to expand health care access to thousands of Floridians, an issue that inspired her to run for public office. Debbie supports ensuring that Floridians have access to high quality affordable health care so no Floridian has to worry about seeking the care they need and being served a surprise medical bill that could bankrupt them and their family. Debbie sponsored legislation to expand Medicare and reduce the price of medication. Meanwhile, Senator Rick Scott wrote the plan to cut Medicare and said as recently as this year that he would support repealing the Affordable Care Act, ripping affordable health care away from over 3 million Floridians, including those with pre-existing conditions. Rick Scott also opposed the Inflation Reduction Act, which stops drug companies from jacking up prices for life saving medications like insulin.


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