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Protecting Clean Water and Our Environment

Florida’s natural beauty and unique environment is one of the many things that makes it so special – and is a key driver of our economic prosperity and tourism in Florida. In Congress, Debbie represented South Florida, the Florida Keys, and the Everglades, and worked across the aisle to bring over $200 million to the state for environmental and Everglades preservation. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Debbie delivered nearly $10 million in essential FEMA funding for South Florida communities. In the U.S. Senate, Debbie will fight for funding to help Florida build the climate-resilient infrastructure needed to fight climate change. Unlike Rick Scott who banned the use of the term “climate change” as Governor and dismisses it as “nuisance flooding,” Debbie knows climate change is real and she is ready to take action to address the climate crisis that is impacting Floridians, their lives, and their property. 


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