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BREAKING: Rick Scott’s Plan To Fight Against Freedom

Feb 05, 2024


February 5, 2024


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BREAKING: Rick Scott’s Plan To Fight Against Freedom

READ: Rick Scott’s 5 Point Plan to Fight Against Freedom

In The Senate, Rick Scott Supported A National Abortion Ban That Would Put Doctors In Jail For Up To Five Years

Rick Scott Stands With Extremists Who Oppose Access to Birth Control

Miami, FL – Rick Scott has resorted to lying to voters about his agenda to ban abortion and take away Americans’ freedoms – so the Debbie For Florida campaign has released his toxic agenda that goes against the overwhelming majority of Floridians who support abortion access.

“Rick Scott is lying about the fact that he voted for a national abortion ban because he knows his toxic agenda is out of step with Floridians,” said Kate Letzler-Moore, Debbie For Florida campaign manager. “But no amount of burying his radical agenda will hide the fact that Scott wants to take away our freedoms. Rick Scott can try to lie away his radical record, but the Debbie for Florida campaign will continue to hold him accountable and remind every Floridian what his anti-freedom plan actually is.”

Read the full plan here.

Inside Rick Scott’s Agenda to Fight Against Our Freedoms:

  1. Pass a national abortion ban.
  2. Force a dangerous and radical abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest – in all states.
  3. Jail doctors for providing health care.
  4. Institute barriers for women to access essential care.
  5. Ban access to birth control.


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