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Self-Serving Rick Scott Votes Against Democracy, Secure Borders, and Safer Communities

Dec 06, 2023


December 6, 2023


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Self-Serving Rick Scott Votes Against Democracy, Secure Borders, and Safer Communities

Rick Scott Voted Against Funding For Border Security And The Fight For Democracy In Israel, Taiwan, And Ukraine

More Than 2,800 Floridians Have Died From Gun Violence This Year, Yet Rick Scott And Senate Republicans Blocked A Vote On The Assault Weapons Ban

Miami, FL – Today, once again, self-serving Rick Scott has put his own dangerous agenda before Floridians’ interests by standing with Senate Republicans who blocked a vote on an assault weapons ban and voting against advancing a supplemental aid package that would deliver critical aid to Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine and shore up America’s borders.

“Today, Rick Scott has done more to help Russia, China, Hamas, and the gun lobby than he has for Floridians,” said Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. “His refusal to stand up for Floridians’ safety and the fight for democracy is disgraceful but unsurprising coming from the man who received an A-rating from the NRA and sympathized with January 6th insurrectionists. Floridians deserve better than a self-serving Senator who votes against their interests.”

Today, Rick Scott voted against:

  • Nearly $14 billion in funding to shore up border security.
  • Aid to Ukraine in their fight against Russia, whose government recently hosted representatives from Iran and Hamas.
  • Critical aid for Israel and Taiwan in their fight for democracy.

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