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ALLIES: Rick Scott’s Years of Support for Disgraced GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler and Moms For Liberty Founder Bridget Ziegler

Dec 06, 2023


December 6, 2023


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ALLIES: Rick Scott’s Years of Support for Disgraced GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler and Moms For Liberty Founder Bridget Ziegler

As Recently As September, Scott and Chairman Ziegler Campaigned Together to “Save America”

MIAMI – For years, Rick Scott has been a close personal ally and a booster of GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler and Moms For Liberty Founder Bridget Ziegler, who are now entangled in a scandal involving alleged rape and sexual misconduct.

The allegations come amid anti-LGBTQ legislation pushed by the Zieglers and endorsed by extremists like Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis. So far, Rick Scott’s close ally Chairman Ziegler has rejected calls to resign.

“Rick Scott should be ashamed of supporting an alleged sexual abuser – his disavowment of Christian and Bridget Ziegler is too little, and comes too late,” said Debbie Mucarsel-Powell spokesperson Kate Letzler-Moore. “It’s no surprise Rick Scott has stood by the Zieglers as they have promoted anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and legislation that attacks the private lives of LGBTQ people. Scott’s support and close-ties to the Zieglers is disqualifying and Floridians deserve better.”

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Rick Scott endorsed Christian Ziegler for Sarasota County Commission

“I’m proud to endorse Christian Ziegler for the Sarasota County Commission. Christian is a friend, a life-long principled conservative, tireless advocate for Sarasota County and he is committed to championing an economic environment in Sarasota County that is focused on creating good paying jobs” Scott said.


“I have no doubt that with his past business experience and as a small business owner himself, Christian understands the importance of a strong local economy, and the residents of Sarasota County would benefit greatly from his service on the Sarasota County Commission. I have also had the opportunity to get to know Christian’s family and they are truly devoted to Sarasota County.” [“Rick Scott endorses Christian Ziegler for Sarasota County Commission,” Florida Politics, 04/08/2018]


Scott campaigned with Ziegler in August and praised him for being one of Scott’s earliest supporters

Scott: I want to especially thank Christian. Christian’s the chair of the state party. So in 2010, it would be shocking to you, but some people wouldn’t let me come speak at their party meetings. Matter of fact, they voted to not let me speak while I’m standing in the back of the room. But anyway, Christian didn’t, and Christian and Joe Gruters were running the county party in Sarasota county and they let me speak. And so I’m always appreciative of Christian because he’s worked his butt off, he’s done this now for quite a while. And his wife is started, is one of the founders, Bridget, of Moms For Liberty. And so, I just want to thank Christian because he wants the party to do well. He’s doing the right thing, he’s staying out of the presidential election, let the voters figure this out. I’m sure everyone is happy with you about that. Christian’s done a great job. [Facebook, Flagler Republican Party, 08/18/2023, 25:18, Facebook, Flagler Republican Party, 08/14/2023]


Scott praised Ziegler again in September

I’m excited about what’s happening with the Republican Party of Florida. I’m excited about what’s happening at the local level. I’ve traveled to about 40 counties so far this year. There’s unbelievable interest. Look at voter registration. When I got elected back in 2010, I think there were 560,000 more Democrats that Republicans.  And now there’s over 500,000 more Republicans than Democrats. There’s unbelievable interest in the Republican Party in Florida. And I think (Chair) Christian Ziegler is doing a great job running the party. I think it’s going to be a good year. [“Three questions with Sen. Rick Scott after Tallahassee campaign stop,” Tallahassee Democrat, 09/19/2023]


Scott praised Ziegler at the November 2023 Florida Freedom Summit

Scott: First I want to highlight Christian Ziegler. He’s doing an incredible job running the RPOS, let’s give a big round of applause. [YouTube, NTD, 11/04/2023, 47:43]


Scott was criticized for appointing Bridget to the school board months before an election

A candidate for the Sarasota County School Board District 1 seat has taken the position months before the August election.


On Friday, Gov. Rick Scott appointed insurance agent Bridget Ziegler to the seat vacated by Carol Todd, who resigned in April. Ziegler, who was already running in the race to replace Todd, will serve the rest of Todd’s term, which expires Nov. 11.


Scott’s appointment comes despite current School Board members pushing for the position to remain vacant until the Aug. 26 election. Several School Board members expressed a fear that appointing a candidate to fill the vacancy could offer an unfair advantage in the election. [“Gov. Scott fills School Board vacancy,” Observer, 6/9/2014]


The governor could have — and, we think, should have — left the seat open. After all, voters will soon select a successor to Todd in District 1 — in the Aug. 26 primary or Nov. 4 general election. Next week, the candidates must officially qualify to run, so the slate will quickly be set. [“Politics and the School Board,” Herald-Tribune, 06/10/2014]


Gov. Rick Scott triggered the war when he appointed Ziegler to an open board seat. It clearly had the appearance of patronage. Scott rocked the local education establishment status quo — including the comfortable school board and, especially, the teachers’ union. [“Our View,” Your Observer, 10/22/2014]


Some said Ziegler’s appointment looked like partisan politics, since Ziegler is married to Christian Ziegler, a current state committeeman for the Florida Republican Party. [“Ziegler says potential tension is no concern,” Herald-Tribune, 11/05/2014]


Scott invited Ziegler to participate in a task force on school security

School board chairwoman Bridget Ziegler is one of two Sarasota County school district employees selected by Governor Rick Scott to be a part of a statewide taskforce on school security. She and the principal of the year, Dr. Rachel Shelley, are on their way to Tallahassee for Tuesday’s meeting. [Bridget Ziegler, Facebook, 02/19/2018]


The School Board’s meeting was called over the weekend by Chairwoman Bridget Ziegler after she was asked to participate Tuesday in a statewide task force on school security convened by Florida Gov. Rick Scott. Booker High School Principal Rachel Shelley, the 2017 Florida Principal of the Year, was also asked by Scott to join the group. [“Sarasota, Manatee consider campus security before Tallahassee meeting,” Herald-Tribune, 02/19/2018]


Scott thanked Ziegler for her work for parents and children in 2022

Thank you @rpetty for being a great friend & tireless advocate for school safety & @4TiffanyJustice, @BridgetAZiegler & @TinaDescovich for everything you do for parents & students in Florida & across the country. It was wonderful to be with y’all today. [Rick Scott, Twitter, 07/16/2022]

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