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WHAT THEY’RE WATCHING: “Democrats See Opportunity in Florida With Abortion Rights”

Jun 07, 2024

WHAT THEY’RE WATCHING: “Democrats See Opportunity in Florida With Abortion Rights”

This week, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell went after Rick Scott after he refused to protect access to contraception and IVF in the Senate. Floridians won’t stand for self-serving Scott’s extreme agenda, and they’ll hold him accountable by electing Debbie Mucarsel-Powell at the ballot box.

MSNBC: Sen. Rick Scott Lies About Contraception Bill

  • They’re not going to stop just by overturning Roe v. Wade.They’re not going to stop at a six week abortion ban – a ban that Rick Scott has proudly said that he supports. He wants to push a national abortion ban – it’s part of his agenda.
  • What he’s doing is using money that he took from committing the largest Medicare fraud in the history of this country to put ads on TV to lie about his record.
  • He plead the fifth more than 75 times and took $300 million with him. He used that money to buy the governor seat, and he continues to use this money to lie to Floridians.
  • [Floridians] know who he is and they don’t want to vote for it. He is the most unpopular Republican in the state of Florida. He is extremely vulnerable and he is a danger, not just to Florida families and to women, but also to American families across the board.

CNN: Democrats See Opportunity In Florida With Abortion Rights

  • This is a top issue for Republicans, Democrats, Independents, it’s an issue that really unifies Floridians. Over 60% of Floridians reject such an extreme ban on abortion, the six-week ban, when most women don’t know that they’re pregnant.
  • Rick Scott has doubled down, saying he would vote against this abortion amendment, he said he would support any anti-abortion bill that comes in front of him.
  • I come from Latin America and we have legalized abortion in Colombia, Argentina, and in Mexico, because it’s directly linked to high rates of violence against women.
  • It won’t mean anything if we pass this abortion amendment and then Rick Scott gets back to the Senate and then pushes for a national abortion ban.
  • He actually voted just a couple of days ago against protecting access to contraception. He has become a poster child of extremism in the Senate.

Good Morning America: Democrats Are Looking To Take The State This Year, But Is It Still At Play?

  • What we’ve seen is a takeover by some of the most extreme politicians like Rick Scott, trying to take over our state, but it doesn’t represent the values of Floridians. We continue to be a very independent, purple state. The electorate actually has been showing us that.
  • Florida enacted one of the most extreme bans on abortion, a six-week abortion ban, at a time when most women don’t know they are pregnant. This is central and fundamental to the integrity of women to be able to make that decision on their own in the privacy of their doctor’s office, with their doctor, their family, their faith.
  • Over 75% of patients who have come to this one clinic had to be turned away because of the six-week abortion ban. This has bigger repercussions than just Florida. We are seeing longer wait times in clinics across the country because now women are forced to leave the state.


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