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Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Vows to Champion Freedom and Opportunity at Leadership Blue Florida

May 06, 2024


May 6, 2024


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Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Vows to Champion Freedom and Opportunity at Leadership Blue Florida

Miami, FL – Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, candidate for United States Senate in Florida, spoke at the Leadership Blue gala this weekend, vowing to fight for democracy and defend Floridians’ hard-fought freedoms.

Read a portion of her remarks below.

Good evening, Florida Democrats!

I want to start by acknowledging what a hard week this has been for so many of us. On Wednesday, millions of women across Florida woke up with less rights than we’ve had in this state in over 50 years.

On that day, I woke up with fear and dread in the pit of my stomach. Fear for myself, for my two daughters, and for women and young girls across our state.

The reality that we are now facing is this: this abortion ban will cost women their lives. It is disgraceful and we cannot allow this to happen in the United States of America.

But, I woke up today more determined than I ever have been to protect our freedoms and to protect our rights, our children, our communities – because Florida is worth fighting for. And I can tell looking around at the people in this room, we’re going to do just that.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. Some call me DMP. I’m a mother, soy una Latina, and I’m running to defeat Rick Scott and become Florida’s next U.S. Senator.

Or maybe you’ve seen me on those mobile billboards Rick Scott has driving around Orlando. Because nothing says “I’m not worried” more than a mobile billboard with my face on it.

Thanks for reminding Floridians they have another choice this November, Rick.

Rick Scott is a threat to our democracy and every freedom that we hold dear here in Florida.

He is a threat to the freedom that my mother brought me to this country for.

You see, where I came from, freedom isn’t guaranteed. The fact that I get to live in this country and that my children were raised with this freedom is a true privilege, and one that I will never take for granted.

Like so many Latinos, I know that freedom and democracy aren’t just words. They are the foundation of our country. And they are obtained through sacrifice. Our democracy is only as strong as our willingness and our resolve to fight to defend it.

And that resolve has never been more important. Today, we find ourselves at a crucial moment in this fight. Authoritarianism is on the rise, threatening the very principles that define our society.


I’m not telling you that this fight to protect our freedoms and to beat Rick Scott will be easy. But I am telling you this hard fight will be worth it.

All of us here continue to face adversity under the extreme attacks by the Republicans like Rick Scott. But let’s remember that our unity is our greatest strength.

Those who seek to divide us are the exact people who fear our strength when we’re united.

As Democrats we have to remember that our diversity makes us stronger and our unity makes us unstoppable.

Our collective resolve will triumph over any challenge. When we stand united, tall, resolute, we are invincible.

Together, we will stand up for equality and justice. We will move forward, honoring the sacrifices of those who laid the groundwork for the country we live in today. We will fight to protect economic opportunity and for freedom.

And together, I know we’re going to win. Thank you, Florida. Let’s do this!


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Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Vows to Champion Freedom and Opportunity at Leadership Blue Florida


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