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REALITY CHECK: Rick Scott Would Have Signed FL’s Near-Total Abortion Ban

Apr 15, 2024


April 15, 2024


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REALITY CHECK: Rick Scott Would Have Signed FL’s Near-Total Abortion Ban

The Hill: Rick Scott on 6-week abortion ban: ‘If I was still governor, I would sign this bill’

Just Last Week, Rick Scott Pledged Vote To Keep Florida’s Impending Near-Total Abortion Ban In Place This November

Miami, FL – Today, Rick Scott lied about his outspoken support of Florida’s near-total abortion ban with almost no exceptions for rape or incest. But the fact is, Rick Scott proudly stated that he would have signed this bill himself if he were still governor. And just last week, Scott personally pledged to “vote against a November ballot initiative in Florida that would overturn the state’s new ban” – committing to keep Florida’s near-total ban in place.

“Rick Scott knows EXACTLY what’s at stake this election and what’s going to happen when the nearly 70% of Floridians who support protecting abortion access show up to hold him accountable for backing Florida’s near-total abortion ban – that’s why he’s resorted to blatantly lying,” said Kate Letzler Moore, campaign manager for Debbie for Florida. “But no amount of lies will make Florida voters forget that Scott proudly said he would have signed this abortion ban himself and has promised to keep it in place come November.”


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