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Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Launches Tour Highlighting Florida’s Fight for Reproductive Rights

Apr 12, 2024

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Launches Tour Highlighting Florida’s Fight for Reproductive Rights

Yesterday, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell launched her Florida Freedom Tour in the wake of the Florida Supreme Court’s rulings to put abortion on the ballot and trigger a Rick Scott-endorsed ban on abortion before most women know they’re pregnant. Debbie is traveling the state to hold Rick Scott accountable for his unapologetic and proud support for Florida’s near-total abortion ban, and momentum is building as Floridians gear up to fight for their fundamental freedoms and take back control of their bodies from extremist politicians like Rick Scott this November.

Spectrum News 13:

  • Today, U.S. Senate candidate Debbie Mucarsel-Powell launched a state-wide tour to slam Florida’s abortion ban. Her campaign also launched a new digital ad calling out Senator Rick Scott for his record on reproductive rights.
  • This is a nearly total-ban on abortion without hardly any exceptions for rape and incest. A ban that, actually, Rick Scott said that he would have proudly supported and signed into law if he was governor.

Florida Politics:

  • “If Rick Scott thinks that he can push a national abortion ban in the Senate and back a near-total abortion ban in Florida without facing any consequences, then he has another thing coming to him,” Mucarsel-Powell said.
  • The tour shows the latest signs Florida Democrats feel emboldened after a court decision recently added Florida to Southern states enforcing a ban on nearly all abortions.
  • Scott this week declined to answer in a radio interview if he would sign the six-week ban going into place in May. But last year, he posted on social media that he would sign the measure.
  • “As a Latina, I’ve seen these authoritarian attacks on our democratic rights before,” Mucarsel-Powell said. “And I won’t allow Rick Scott to take away our freedoms. I am proud to stand with the nearly 70% of Floridians who support protecting abortion access, and I’m ready to show up with them this November as we fight to protect our fundamental rights.”

SiriusXM Mornings With Zerlina:

     [Mornings with Zerlina, 4/10/24]

  • This is not a partisan issue. This is an issue that unites Republicans, Democrats, Independents – people from all political affiliations, from all beliefs – because it is a basic civil right for a woman, a fundamental freedom to make that decision between herself, her doctor, her family, her faith.
  • Abortion is a health care issue, but it’s also central to the dignity of a woman to be able to make her own decisions about what happens to her own body. And this ban is going to backfire, because let’s remember the political power that women have in this country.
  • Rick Scott actually said that he would vote against the ballot initiative. He said that he supported the 6-week ban – that if he were governor, he would’ve signed that into law – And he’s ready to go back to the Senate if re-elected and push for a national abortion ban.
  • Rick Scott’s attacks on women have been recorded for many years, and he’s not going to stop here.
  • Florida’s near total abortion ban will now put a lot of women at risk. And that includes maternal mortality, that includes violence. When you have hardly any exceptions for rape and incest, what kind of message are you sending to women across the country?

CNN Español:

  • Es una ley de prohibición casi total para servicios reproductivos de mujer que comienza y va en efecto el primero de mayo que va poner a decenas de miles de mujeres aquí en el estado de la florida pero también en toda la región del sureste de los Estados Unidos en peligro.
  • Vamos a tener la oportunidad de ejercer nuestra voto, de tomar esa decisión nosotros mismos, sin tener la interferencia de políticos y del gobierno de tomar esas decisiones para una mujer que es tan privada y debería ser entra una mujer, su doctor, su familia y su fe.
  • Rick Scott es uno de los senadores de lo más extremistas en este caso. Él dijo que el hubiese firmado en ley esta prohibición casi total sin ninguna excepción para el incesto y la violación. También celebro lo que pasó ayer en Arizona. Son leyes que nos están llevando atrás más de 50 años en este país.
  • Lo que vimos en México, Argentina, Colombia, países donde las mujeres alzaron sus voces y dijeron no más, tenemos que pasar una ley para ese derecho de reproducción para la mujer, porque está ligado completamente con violencia y una alta tasa de violencia en contra de las mujeres y también de la mortalidad materna.
  • Mujeres han tenido que regresar a sus casas cuando están perdiendo esos embarazos, embarazos que ellos han querido, han puesto en peligro sus vidas con infecciones que han afectado después la posibilidad de tener otros embarazos en el futuro. Están poniendo la salud de las mujeres en riesgo y están también acabando con las oportunidades económicas para muchas familias.
  • It’s a near total ban on reproductive services for women that will take effect on May 1st and put tens of thousands of women here in the state of Florida and also in the Southeast region in danger.
  • We will have the opportunity to exercise our vote, to make this decision for ourselves, without the interference of politicians or the government in these decisions for women – which is so private and should be between a woman, her doctor, her family, and her faith.
  • Rick Scott is one of the most extremist senators in this case. He said he would have signed this ban into law without nearly any exceptions for rape and incest. He also celebrated what happened yesterday in Arizona. These are laws that are taking us back more than 50 years in this country.
  • What we saw in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, countries where women raised their voice and said no more, we have to pass a law for the right to reproductive services for women, because it’s completely tied to violence and high rates of violence against women and mortality rates.
  • Women have had to return to their homes when they are miscarrying pregnancies they wanted, they have put their lives in danger with infections that are affecting their ability to become pregnant in the future. They are putting women’s health in danger and they are also ruining economic opportunities for many families.

Exitos 107.1 Radio:

  • Este es un tema fundamental de tener la libertad y un derecho civil para las mujeres viviendo aquí en este país. Hace más de 50 años, la corte suprema de los Estados Unidos legalizó el acceso a servicios reproductivos para la mujer. Lo vimos en Colombia, lo vimos en México, lo vimos en Argentina, países que son sumamente conservadores porque tener acceso para una mujer al derecho reproductivo sin tener discriminación, sin tener ningún tipo de consecuencia de tomar esa decisión entre la mujer, su doctor, su familia y su fe es un derecho civil fundamental.
  • Nosotros vinimos acá para tener libertades y cuando nos quitan la libertad de las mujeres de tomar esas decisiones por nosotras mismas es un ataque no solamente a nuestros derechos pero también como mujer pero también a la democracia. Cuando las mujeres pierden este tipo de derecho, vemos que comienza a derogar las instituciones democráticas en estos países.
  • Es una ley cruel, es peligrosa para la vida de muchas mujeres, y muchas mujeres van a tener la opción de regresar a sus países de origen o viajar a Colombia, por ejemplo, para tener el acceso a la salud reproductiva. Estamos viviendo en una época del extremismo dónde están utilizando estos temas que no deberían de ser temas políticos.
  • This is a fundamental issue of having liberty and civil rights for women living here in this country. More than 50 years ago, the Supreme Court of the United States legalized access to reproductive services for women. We saw it in Colombia, we saw it in Mexico, we saw it in Argentina, countries that are very conservative, because a woman having access to reproductive rights without discrimination, without having consequences for making that decision because it should be between a woman, her doctor, her family, and her faith, is a fundamental civil right.
  • We came here to have freedoms and when they take away women’s freedoms to make these decisions for ourselves, it’s an attack not only on our rights as women but also on democracy. When women lose this type of right, we see democratic institutions start to deteriorate in these countries.
  • It’s a cruel law, it’s dangerous for the lives of many women, and many women will have the option of returning to their countries of origin or travel to Colombia, for example, to have access to reproductive health. We are living in an era of extremism where they are using these issues that shouldn’t be political issues.

Palm Beach Post:

  • Speaking in West Palm Beach, former U.S. Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, who is seeking the Democratic nomination to run against incumbent U.S. Sen. Rick Scott this fall, said Trump and Republicans plan an all-out assault on reproductive rights, including in vitro fertilization treatments.
  • “Politicians are already prepping them to ban access to IVF. This is coming next, banning access to contraception,” she said. “It’s an attack against a woman’s freedom and basic health care. So they’re digging in, and they’re not going to be able to hide from their toxic record.


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