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Jewish Democratic Council of America Endorses Debbie Mucarsel-Powell for U.S. Senate

Mar 28, 2024


March 28, 2024


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Jewish Democratic Council of America Endorses Debbie Mucarsel-Powell for U.S. Senate

Miami, FL – Today, the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JCDA) joined dozens of organizations, leaders, and advocates in supporting Debbie Mucarsel-Powell as Florida’s next senator.

“Representative Debbie Mucarsel-Powell understands the threats the Jewish community faces in this moment. As Florida’s next Senator, she will be an adamant fighter for our community and our values, including combating antisemitism, supporting Israel, and protecting our reproductive freedom and democracy,” said Chair of JDCA, the Hon. Ron Klein. “Rick Scott advocated for cutting critical programs like Social Security and Medicare. He echoed Trump’s latest antisemitic screed vilifying the majority of American Jews and claiming we should be ‘ashamed’ of ourselves for voting for Democratic candidates who support our values. It is time for my home state of Florida to have new representation in the U.S. Senate.”

“As someone with several Jewish family members and the proud wife of a Jewish husband, I couldn’t be more honored to have the Jewish Democratic Council of America by my side in this race,” said Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. “I have always been proud to stand with our Jewish community in Florida and across the country, and in the Senate, I’ll be focused on fighting for policies that will expand opportunities for and protect the safety of Jewish Americans. It’s disheartening to see Rick Scott continuously stand with anti-Semitic extremists, but with the support of JCDA, we will work tirelessly to build a Florida where every faith is respected and every community feels empowered.”


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