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Rick Scott’s Extreme Attack On Mifepristone Threatens Nationwide Access To Medication Abortion

Mar 26, 2024


March 26, 2024


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Rick Scott’s Extreme Attack On Mifepristone Threatens Nationwide Access To Medication Abortion

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Rick Scott: “I firmly believe that life begins at conception”

Miami, FL – Rick Scott joined nearly 150 other Republican lawmakers in filing an amicus brief that called on the Supreme Court to override the FDA’s decision-making and reimpose restrictions on Mifepristone, a drug used for medication abortions. Today, the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on how patients can access Mifepristone – putting health care for millions of women at risk.

“Rick Scott’s continued attacks on women’s rights are threatening the safety of millions of women across Florida and across the country. Now, he’s taking his radical anti-choice agenda one step further with his baseless and unwarranted attacks on Mifepristone – a safe and effective drug approved decades ago,” said Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. “Extremist politicians like Rick Scott would rather undermine our health care and safety by pushing to overrule FDA experts than give up control of women’s bodies – and Floridians are sick of it. Scott’s agenda is not about protecting women, it’s about partisan political games that actively put our lives at risk and subject other FDA-approved medicines including insulin to his dangerous and extreme beliefs. But Floridians can see right through these senseless attacks, and they’re ready to fight back at the ballot box in November.”


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