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REMINDER: Rick Scott Stands With Anti-IVF Extremists

Jun 05, 2024


June 5, 2024


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REMINDER: Rick Scott Stands With Anti-IVF Extremists

Rick Scott Received An A+ Rating From Extreme Anti-Choice Group That Wants To Ban IVF And Believes The Birth Control Pill Should Be Illegal

Scott Pledged To Back Any Anti-Abortion Bill On The Day Florida’s Abortion Ban Went Into Effect

Rick Scott Touted Endorsements From Extreme Republicans Who Cosponsored The Life At Conception Act, A Nationwide Abortion Ban With No Exceptions For IVF

Rick Scott: “I firmly believe that life begins at conception”

Miami, FL – Just a few months after Rick Scott and his extremist allies blocked legislation to protect IVF, Radical Rick is peddling more lies to voters about his toxic reproductive rights record, while continuing to proudly stand with extremists who want to ban IVF and slash access to contraception.

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“Actions speak louder than words, and despite what Rick Scott wants Floridians to think, he refused to stand up and protect Americans’ access to IVF when he had the chance,” said Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.“Extreme Republicans like Rick Scott will stop at nothing to advance their radical anti-choice agenda – even if that means lying to the millions of women and families across Florida who are scared that IVF will be banned here next and using them to score cheap political points. But unfortunately for self-serving Scott, Floridians aren’t buying his lies, and they’re ready to reject Rick this November.”


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