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Alert: Rick Scott Votes Against Bipartisan Right To Contraception Act

Jun 05, 2024


June 5, 2024


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ALERT: Rick Scott Votes Against Bipartisan Right To Contraception Act

Rick Scott Received An A+ Rating From Extreme Anti-Choice Group That Wants To Ban IVF And Believes The Birth Control Pill Should Be Illegal

Rick Scott Pledged To Back “Any Anti-Abortion Bill” On The Day Florida’s Abortion Ban Went Into Effect

Rick Scott: “If I was the sitting governor, and the six-week abortion ban came in front of me, I would sign it. I’ve always said I would sign it.”

Rick Scott: “I firmly believe that life begins at conception”

Miami, FL – Today, Rick Scott, who has endorsed extreme candidates who want to ban access to contraception, voted against the Bipartisan Right to Contraception Act. In response, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell released the following statement:

“Extremists like Rick Scott won’t stop at radical abortions bans that threaten health care providers with jail time and put womens’ lives at risk – now they are going after our access to IVF and contraceptives like birth control too,” said Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. “Keeping Radical Rick in the Senate for six more years will put access to contraception on the line for decades to come – threatening the lives of countless women and stripping away our fundamental rights. Today, Rick Scott proved once again that he couldn’t care less about Floridians’ freedoms and safety, and that’s exactly why they will fire him in November.”


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