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Radical Rick Scott Receives A+ Rating From Anti-IVF, Anti-Contraception Extremist Group

May 31, 2024


May 31, 2024


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Radical Rick Scott Receives A+ Rating From Anti-IVF, Anti-Contraception Extremist Group

Rick Scott Pledged To Back “Any Anti-Abortion Bill” On The Day Florida’s Abortion Ban Went Into Effect

Rick Scott: “If I was the sitting governor, and the six-week abortion ban came in front of me, I would sign it. I’ve always said I would sign it.”

Rick Scott Received Multiple Endorsements From Extreme RepublicansWho Cosponsored The Life At Conception Act

Rick Scott: “I firmly believe that life begins at conception”

Miami, FL – Today, Rick Scott received an A+ rating from Students for Life Action, an extreme anti-choice organization, for his radical record of anti-choice votes and extreme legislation co-sponsorships.

Students for Life of America not only opposes birth control but also opposes IVF. The group’s President also wants to outlaw birth control.

“Extremists in Florida and across the country already see Rick Scott for exactly what he is: an anti-choice radical who will stop at nothing to take control of women’s bodies and strip away our reproductive rights,” saidDebbie Mucarsel-Powell. “Radical Rick has already cosponsored a national abortion ban, stood proudly with Life At Conception extremists, and repeatedly backed Florida’s abortion ban with no real exceptions for rape or incest. Now, he’s the poster child for an organization that wants to ban IVF and believes the birth control pill should be illegal. The stakes for this race have never been higher, but Floridians are fired up and ready to stand up for their freedoms this November.”

Rick Scott will force a national abortion ban, criminalizing health care providers.


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